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Hamlet Media aggregates local news through traditional home town newspapers and distributes this to willing consumer subscribers on their mobile phones.  People who enroll for this news service receive customized information, filtered to their own interests that are delivered via simple text messages.  For the first time, we are extending community news to the web and providing the scale for local media for the first time.

Consumers who subscribe specify the type of events they want sent to their mobile phone, such as children’s events, senior activities, election notices, church events, live music, parades, performances, museum exhibits, wine tastings, house tours, history lectures, non-profit events, civic meetings, public health alerts, school performances, adult education, Holiday celebrations, Halloween walks, scout events, job fairs, ski trips, sports signups, Charity Balls, scholarship competitions, swim meets, swimming lessons, tennis clubs, road closings, book club meetings, and other events of interests to people who live in the same locale.  Users can sign up for HamletAlerts when they subscribe to their local newspapers or through the internet.     

Local, mostly regional, news publishers will be at the heart of this service.  They service local communities by reporting on neighborhoods and sharing the local calendar of events that families and local residents need to know about.  Web tools are being provided to them which will greatly reduce their own work in assimilating news from their recurring newsmakers, who provide the vast majority of content for local press.  This will reduce the amount of labor and time needed to prepare local news for print publication and web posting.   This will also facilitate the organization of news data into calendar and alert oriented formats and enhance  the content for inclusion on the web. 

Our local news alerts services will also be attractive to certain larger city newspapers  Hamlet Media will open up mobile as a platform to them with a new, material benefit to their regional audiences, and lets them customize their publication to the reader with more granularity than could be done with print.     

All of the above will be complemented by iPhone and Blackberry applications which will allow query of the calendar and events databases to allow consumers to proactively inquire about local events, church schedules, election notices, etc.  

There will be a second SMS notification system for schools, in which parent (and even teenage students) can get text messages on the mobile phones announcing school events, sporting events, snow days, musical performances and plays, delayed openings, special events, club enrollments, plays and sports events, and so on.  Subscribing parents will also receive text messages when their child does not show up for school, is absent, or misses a class.    The system will also provide for teachers, through our web interface, the ability to send text messages to all of the parents in each of their classes about up to date class status, special assignments, news for tomorrow, curriculum plans or changes, future field trips, and so on.   

An additional derivative product will also allow members of Church denominations and congregations to receive alerts from the clergy or church administrators.  The marketing focus of this will be to larger denominations and congregations.  Alerts to congregants and parishioners can include conference schedules, convention information, and church run events.