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  • Subscribers.  If you want the local news, have cell phones, and are willing to have a small fee added to your mobile phone each month, you can get that news delivered to you. To subscribe, simply register and choose your interests, such as local sports, local elections, parades, concerts, dances, civic association meetings, or others.  You will also be able to designate the ages and gender of your children, so that any youth signups (e.g. little league, soccer, summer camps, etc), that are applicable to your own children (by age and/or by gender) will be noticed via text message to your mobile phones.
  • Newsmakers.   We know that many organizations tend have a need to generate local news items and notify your communities of events on a weekly basis.  These organizations include village governments, school districts, little leagues, Houses of Worship, dance schools, Chambers of Commerce, etc.  Typically, you have sent in your news stories via email, sometimes with digital photos as attachments, to your local newspapers.  The local newspaper editor has to review the story and reformat it for printing; 50%) of the time newspapers are printed using Quark Express and rest of the time using either inPrint or Pagemaker.  Our services offers local newsmaker a web form to submit the news story, which standardizes the input form, so that that local news is already formatted and will to go directly to Quark Express, as well as placed into the mobile alert input queue for the matching subscribers.  We also offer HTML output and can automatically generate web sites to display local calendars and local news that is not otherwise put onto the web.  Simply register and sign up for our service and your organization can maximize the reach and impact its information can have on the community.
  • Affiliates.  Newspaper publishers that print local and community newspapers around North America (and eventually other parts of the world) provide the digital platform to redistribute this news, to the local audience.  Your affiliates may own multiple newspapers.  Just register take full advantage of opportunity to maximize distribution of local news that our network provides you. 
  • Advertisers.   Our consumers will be allowed to opt-in for certain types of advertising messages that will appear on complementary web sites that cooperate with our service.  For example, our local events database will also be available through a web site that will also be available from a link from affiliate newspaper web sites.  Standard IAB ad units will be available.  The company will also experiment with certain types of local advertisements. For details, please browse our advertisers section.